The time has come to spread cheers and smiles across the globe and make this world a happier place. There are NGOs and other non-profit organizations that people are not aware of and simultaneously there are people who are in need of desperate help but can’t get to it due to mere lack of awareness.

Create awareness – Let’s make a cheerful world with just one share

We at the NV-Charity Foundation bring together NGOs and individuals who are needy by connecting them both through our platform. We create awareness amongst the people about the various NGOs or Non-profit organizations who are already working hard and striving to see smiling faces throughout the world through advertising and marketing as they are doing remarkable things and fighting against all odds to achieve their goals.

Bring a change in heart – Let us bring back your trust

People these days are a bit reluctant to help those who are needy. They think twice before helping anybody. We are trying to bring back the trust they once had and the empathy that makes their heart skip a beat with real stories that affect millions of people.

NGOs and Non-profit Organization’s Archive – Find all organizations under one roof

We aim at listing down all the NGOs and other organizations around the world and make direct donations to the NGOs a possibility without interfering in the financial matters. We thereby help promote the organizations and aid in raising their funds.

Be a volunteer – People from all walks of life can volunteer with us  

We aspire to create powerful bonds between the NGOs and those who are willing to contribute their time and efforts by volunteering. People from all platforms and all walks of life like writers, bloggers, designers, photographers, PR and marketing professionals, financial advisors and others are all welcome to contribute and help these NGOs by promoting this movement for the upliftment of the society. There are people who try to find happiness by making others happy. We are calling out to each one of them; so that, they can share happiness. We want them to come forward and help us build a better world. Helping the needy is not all about money, people who can help by volunteering with us as well are welcome. Contribute by sharing stories, assisting us or by working with us.

Partner with us – Promote your social activities with us

Companies, agencies, startups and entrepreneurs who are into social activities are all invited to our platform in order to share stories and live events. They are invited to be our partners; since, this is a platform to promote such work and make it known to the world.

We do not accept donations but we do need to share the stories. Now, you would think why we are doing this, we are not doing it for any monetary gain; we are only looking forward to gain an enchanting world to live in, for all beings.

We as a team have worked extensively in order to reach out to those people who are in desperate need. We aim at collaborating with the already existing NGOs across different domains who are doing wonderful work in their fields by spreading happiness; since, making people around the world smile is not possible without their contribution. Come feel the joy of helping others. We would love to see you as a part of this initiative to bring back the emotional connection. Your time is our money, since we don’t accept donations. Join NV-Charity Foundation to save people’s lives and to light up their faces with smiles.

If there is a query, then feel free to write to us at We look forward for your feedback and suggestions.

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