Charity Musical Concert | Sanjay Oza & Dr. Parth Oza - NVcharity

Round Table India and Ladies Circle India Presents Charity Musical Concert with Sanjay Oza & Parth Oza !!

Funds raised through this concert will be used for the education / development of Underprivileged kids.

SANJAY OZA- A soulful singer, with a voice full of strength and expression. Sanjay Oza’s excellent singing in regional films, TV serials and ad commercials in multiple languages, is worth cherishing.

Dr. PARTH OZA Celebrity Singer , Electrifying performer , Actor , Doctor , A National – International figure .He is Globally recognised & Well-known Playback singer , A Prince of Traditional Garba , who has given his voice for various ads, films , documentaries ,serials, and albums. He believes in spreading culture through music , as a part he has performed great number of concerts worldwide.

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