We at NV-Charity Foundation do comprehend the fact that you are concerned about the privacy, when it comes to the information you share with us. We assure you that we protect and safeguard all information that you share with us. You are bound with our privacy policy and contractual obligation when you visit our website;

  1. Our intention – This is an online platform, where we do not share any confidential or critical information through our website.
  2. Our approach –  Donation is not accepted through our website. If you want to help financially, you can do so directly via the NGO’s website.
  3. Other NGOs – We take no responsibility whatsoever, if your payment to other NGOs is declined for any reason or if you face any kind of trouble with the payment.
  4. Your submissions – We will ask you to provide us with your personal details like your first and the last name, your email address etc. for story submissions.
  5. Other websites – NV Charity is not responsible for any advertisement or content on websites that are provided by an arbitrator.
  6. Donor Privacy Policy – As per the Donor Privacy Policy, we do not try to sell or share the donor’s personal information or any other data with others.
  7. User’s personal information – We take into account some of your personal information, in order to provide you with our services.
  8. Content – If you are an NGO or a user who wants to share their content on our platform, we assure you that we will not use your content for any illegal endeavor.
  9. Age limit – If you are below the age limit (that is 13 years) and are still registered with us, we take no liabilities, since it will be the parent’s and legal guardian’s responsibility.
  10. Change in Legal policy – As per the requirement, we can change our legal policy. So, keep visiting this page to keep yourself updated on the same.