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If you could save twice as many starving children, would you? Of course you would. And now you can!

Through a special $500,000 matching-gift challenge from a generous group of donors, if your gift is received by Easter Sunday, April 21, it will be matched dollar for dollar to feed twice as many malnourished children.

Your generous gift will go twice as far to feed hungry children like 2-year-old Guerlin in Haiti. His mother, Jacquesilia, regularly goes without food so she can feed a small amount of millet or cornmeal to him. But too often, she only has a little bit of coffee or water mixed with sugar to give to him and his twin sister, Guerline, to stop their anguished cries.

This Easter, you can provide lifesaving food to a starving child, like Guerlin! Remember, every dollar you give will be matched to feed even more hungry children. Your gift will go twice as far to save precious lives from starvation. May God bless you.

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