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Homeless People

When Kimberley and her family became homeless they spent Christmas in a single hostel room. All four of them. Kimberley, her husband Mark, their 3-year-old son Kai and baby daughter Mya.

The space was so small they had to eat dinner on the beds. They could only put up one decoration because there was no room for a tree. Little Kai couldn’t sleep and Kimberley and Mark were barely coping.

That’s when Kimberley called our helpline.

How we helped

‘It was the biggest relief. I had a whole team of experts on my side.’

Our helpline advisers supported Kimberley with each step of the process and every meeting with the council. The family moved from the hostel into temporary accommodation. And then, at last, into a permanent home. This year, they’re looking forward to celebrating Christmas with family.

Across the UK thousands of other families are homeless right now, and their children are struggling like Kai did because they don’t have a home.

You can help. A donation of just £30 could help answer three urgent calls from families who desperately need our help. If we act now, we can change tomorrow for thousands facing homelessness.


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