Weʼre raising £27,096 to Pay for a vital spinal procedure for my 13 year old Daughter Ffion - NVcharity

This article link to: Swansea, Wales

My Beautiful Ffion has been diagnosed with severe scoliosis, this means her spine hasnt grown straight and has curved.If we operate now only half her spine needs to be rebuilt, however current NHS waiting list is nearly 2 years and as Ffion is having a serious of growth spurts, by that time her entire spine from her backside to her neck will need to be rebuilt using rods and screws. If we act now she will retain mobilty and love an active life and not have problems later in life. I have put my entire life up for sale, House, car etc…but im still going to be short…Ffion is such a sweet and kind little girl and really doesnt deserve this awful thing happening to her…I humbly ask for any help possible no matter how big or small.


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