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Girls Education in Rural Nepal

Girls’ education has been ignored in Nepalese communities for various reasons such as, cultural traditions, an unsuitable schooling environment and financial problems. It is particularly rare for girls that come from poor and Dalit families in rural villages of Nepal, to receive an education. Consequently, this project will support girls most in need of schooling. Educating girls has many advantages such as, improved gender equality, health, education, better family planning and economic growth.

Girl’s education is still ignored in Nepal, particularly in remote villages amongst poor and Dalit families. The major reasons for this are cultural beliefs, an education for girls is supposed unnecessary, the school environment, a lack of awareness, affordability, plus a lack of motivation in parents to promote girl’s education. Some effort is being made by the government to address this issue but still many girls are not in school and most of them drop out of school by age of twelve.

We believe that there is enough evidence to suggest- investing in girls’ education will bring the highest return to individuals, families and communities. Therefore, we will support girls most in need of schooling. We will raise awareness concerning the importance of girls’ education through their parents. We will monitor the girls in the scheme on a regular basis to avoid dropping out from schooling. We will also work closely with schools and teachers to improve the school environment.


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