Tea Seller Will Lose His Only Child To Cancer If He Is Unable To Afford His Treatment - NVcharity

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The fever, the paleness – they thought it was heat stroke

One month ago, Santanu suddenly fell sick. He had a high fever and was looking very pale. The parents took him to the doctors, thinking this was nothing more than a heat stroke.

Unaware of everything, Santanu is just happy that his summer vacations have extended

Little Santanu has a severe form of blood cancer But he is unaware of his condition. He is just happy that his summer holidays have extended. He enjoys spending time with his mother, he is the closest to her. Tarun, Bhabani and Santanu have been staying in a lodge, near the hospital – he needs to go for his chemo every week, sometimes even twice.

I am just a tea-seller – how will I afford my son’s treatment

Tarun has a small tea shop in Behala, Kolkata. He makes only Rs 200 on most days. Needless to say, he hardly has any savings. His entire family is dependent on him but Tarun doesn’t know how he will arrange for his son’s treatment.

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