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Millions of dogs are slaughtered each year in Korea. Many will endure unimaginable torture and suffering. We rely on your generosity to support our rescue dogs. Donate now and help end the suffering. Your generosity saves lives.

Each year in Korea, millions of dogs are slaughtered for dog meat consumption. Our local rescue and adoption team helps many Canadian families find their canine companion from Korea. We are a community of local volunteers and animal lovers. We match rescue dogs from Korea to well qualified Canadian families.

EK Park is the founder of Free Korean Dogs. Born in South Korea and based in Toronto, Canada, EK is a photographer, videographer, and animal lover.

Although she grew up on a farm in the Korean countryside, it wasn’t until she returned many years later that she truly realized the cruelty that Korean dogs endure as a result of the dog meat industry. That’s when she realized that she must use all available means to give Korean dogs the love they deserve.

With 22 years of work experience in the financial industry, William’s in-depth knowledge in business operation, finances & leadership complements well with the progress and momentum Free Korean Dogs has built in the last two years. William was inspired by Free Korean Dogs and its mission to bring public awareness to animal welfare. In 2017, he participated as a volunteer in numerous Free Korean Dogs events, and adopted a dog – WooJoo in August 2017! He is active in helping Free Korean Dogs to find qualified foster homes & flight volunteers to facilitate the adoption process.

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