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KSB is mandated by KSB Act 251 to provide rehabilitation services for the irreversibly blind in Kenya. To do this, KSB works closely with registered civil services organizations (CSOs) in the disability sector and the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Development which is represented in KSB Council by an appointee of the Permanent Secretary

To effectively offer comprehensive eye care services, KSB’s programmes have a rehabilitation component designed to ensure the totally blind are supported psychosocially, economically, physically to continues with their activities of daily living with minimal dependency in accordance with the WHO’s definition of health. KSB is implementing community based rehabilitation (CBR) programme and is working in partnership with several partners depending on areas of speciality including:

  • Kenyatta National Hospital (biggest referral hospital) – treatment
  • Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) – Training of Pharmacy
  • Kenya Institute for Blind (KIB) – Learning materials
  • Kenya Union of the Blind (KUB) – Economic empowerment
  • Kenya Institute of Special Education (KISE) – Training of teachers
  • African Braille Center (ABC) – Repair and servicing of Braille machines
  • Daisy Eye Cancer Fund –Treatment of cancer

Persons who are irreversibly blind are trained to be economically productive by being provided with skills towards orientation and mobility, activities of daily living, basic agriculture and business skills training and placement for ICT trainees. This programme is also mandated to ensure the rights and dignity of the visually impaired is guaranteed through lobbying and advocacy work.

This seek to promote acceptance and integration of persons with visual impairment through:

  • Independent Living Skills
  • Orientation and Mobility skills
  • Braille literacy
  • Adaptive Computer Training (CAT)
  • Psycho-social Counseling
  • Talent enhancement
  • Job placement for PWVI
  • Transcription services
  • Disability mainstreaming auditing and training
  • Equipping learning institutions with assistive devices
  • Support institutions come up with disability mainstreaming strategic framework, polices and guidelines

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