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In the desert climate of Las Vegas, where water issues are more important than ever, One Drop is taking action.

One Drop supports the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum, located in downtown Las Vegas, in developing several water-themed displays including a Water World Presentation for fourth grade students (ages 9-10) and a Water Conservation – Discovery on Wheels display for fifth grade students (ages 10-11). When possible, Arts Nomades students from Cirque du Soleil’s arts integration program, will participate in this activity as both One Drop and Arts Nomades are under the Cirque du Soleil umbrella. Leading up to the Walk for Water for One Drop in October, the month of September was deemed “Water Month”, discovering water one drop at a time. The month was broken up into four different weeks focussing on learning how water supports life and why we must conserve it, highlighting the importance of access to clean water around the world, learning how countries around the world conserve water, and explore water conservation efforts in Las Vegas. The Museum also hosted special educational activities at the Walk for Water for One Drop last Saturday, October 13, 2018 (see picture).

The Educational Walk Raised $75,000 Benefitting the One Drop Foundation

On Saturday morning October 13, 2018, One Drop Foundation hosted the seventh annual two-mile inspirational walk, Walk for Water for One Drop, at Springs Preserve in Las Vegas. More than 1,000 participants raised $75,000 to support One Drop’s mission of providing access to safe water for all, as they walked two miles against a serene desert backdrop while holding buckets filled with water to simulate the effort millions of women and children make daily for their basic needs.

To kick off Saturday morning’s festivities, the Mayor of Las Vegas, Carolyn Goodman, made welcoming remarks to the enthusiastic crowd and created awareness surrounding the important water challenges around the globe. Following the welcome ceremony, Jerry Nadal, Senior Vice-President at Cirque du Soleil, educated walkers about the global impact One Drop makes and the vital funds needed to continue its life-changing work. All proceeds from the event directly benefitted water conservation, technology and education efforts throughout Southern Nevada.

Before the walk began, Micah Clarke, an artist from The Beatles™ LOVE™ by Cirque du Soleil lead the group with a creative warm-up routine, alongside dancers from Fantasy. DJ So Hype also spun live tracks and provided entertainment to all the walkers. The event was hosted and emceed by Jay R Beatbox, well-known for his impeccable beatboxing, who treated participants to outstanding beats and original mashups. Closing out the memorable morning, Diabolo Diva performed a show-stopping final act with her diabolos to celebrate the conclusion of the successful fundraiser and thank supporters for their participation in Walk for Water for One Drop 2018.


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