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Nepalese Children need Housing

The Bon are a minority ethnic group that mainly live in rural Nepal. Less than one-third of the children attend school because of insecurity and lack of schools. The Tibetan Bon community in Dolanji, India, provides educational and hostel facilities for hundreds of Nepalese Bon children that have been sent from Nepal by their parents to Dolanji for schooling. There are many other children on the waiting list.


This project will enable The Yungdrung Bon Monastic Center (YBMC) to provide hostel facilities and schooling for 25 Nepalese girls and boys for one year.

Long-Term Impact

Education will improve the lives and standard of living of these children and give them more opportunity than they would have had if they remained uneducated. They will have the chance to live a better life and provide for their families.


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