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Note: Geetha and Arivazhagam gave birth to twins, but lost one of them. The other one is diagnosed with Extreme Preterm/ Respiratory Distress Syndrome and needs to be in the NICU for the next 10 weeks. The couple is in no position to afford his treatment.

There is no word in the English language for a parent whose child has died because the human heart can’t even imagine that overwhelming grief. If there’s something that might somehow even come close to filling the hollow in their hearts, it is the birth of another child. However, imagine if even that child is battling between life and death and the parents are too helpless to save him. That pain is endlessly difficult to cope with.

Geetha and Arivazhagam were waiting to be parents since a decade after their marriage. Even after getting numerous treatments, Geetha was unable to conceive. Finally, their wishes were granted and Geetha became pregnant. Their happiness knew no bounds.

When the doctor informed that she was expecting twins, their happiness doubled. They were too excited to welcome their children. However, something tragic was destined to happen.

When Geetha was just five and a half months pregnant, she suffered intense stomach pain. She was rushed to the hospital where the doctor said that the babies had to be delivered immediately. “Your wife is just 22 weeks pregnant. It is difficult to save the babies because they need to be at least 24-week-old to be delivered, but we will try our best,” the doctor told Arivazhagam. His world broke apart, but he kept faith in God.

After hours of waiting outside the emergency room, praying for our well-being, he finally got the news. He had become a father of two sweet baby boys, but their condition was critical. He couldn’t wait to meet his kids. He had waited for this day for years, but his happiness didn’t last.

Before they could even hold their babies in their arms and feel the joy of becoming parents, one baby breathed his last. Arivazhagam’s heart broke into a million pieces. He was facing his wildest fears.

Geetha had just come out of the emergency room when she heard the news. She burst in tears. “Why is this happening to us? Please bring my baby back. I want to hold him once,” she cried. The doctor tried to console them and told that the had to be strong for their other baby.They saw a beacon of light in that darkness. However, the baby’s condition was critical and he was moved to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Arivazhagam’s heart crushed the moment he saw his baby inside the incubator. His tiny baby, who was covered with numerous tubes, was fighting for his life. The baby was diagnosed with Extreme Preterm, Respiratory Distress Syndrome and weighed just 520 grams.

The doctors said that the baby needed to be in the NICU for at least 10 more weeks to be able to sustain himself. His treatment will cost
18,00,000. Arivazhangam couldn’t deal with this shock. It felt like he was thrown in a deserted place and there was no way to get out.

He had no means to get such a big amount for his baby’s treatment. He works as a lecturer and earns just enough to suffice for the basic needs of his family. Whatever little savings he had was spent on Geetha’s initial treatment.

“This is the most difficult thing a parent can be subjected to. My baby is struggling to breathe and I can’t even provide him with proper treatment. Even the sight of my baby is killing me,” he cries.
Geetha was inconsolable ever since she was informed about her babies. She had been through a difficult surgery, but she refused to take care of herself. She kept pleading with the doctors to take her to her baby. When it became too difficult to comfort her, the nurse took her to the NICU on a wheelchair. Her wounds were still fresh and she couldn’t even get out of her bed, but the thought of her baby was nothing in front of her pain.

She brokedown the moment she entered the NICU. Tears kept falling from her eyes as she just sat in front of her baby and continued to look at him, without uttering a single word. After a few minutes, the nurse asked her to go back to her bed, but she refused to leave her baby’s side.

“Please let me be here. My baby needs me. I don’t want him to die, I have already lost a baby,” she wailed in pain. However, when she was forcefully taken out of the NICU, she kept crying helplessly.
Arivazhangam sold the small piece of land he owned and also borrowed money from his family and friends. However, that amount is not enough to fund his baby’s treatment. He breaks down every time he sees Geetha and his baby in such a miserable condition.

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