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Impacting a family for generations is no easy task. But, with your help, we can do just that. Together we will teach people how to build and assist them in constructing a sturdy house.

What is astonishing to know is adequate housing impacts every aspect of life including; improving health, advancing education, providing a place for employment, reducing crimes against women and children, strengthening faith and community, and much more.

  • Going where most others dare not venture; places like the city dump, and Cite Soliel
  • Serving those most in need like the extremely poor and the war-torn.
  • Building a life and a hope for generations to come with new skills, new trades.
  • Ministering to the ones whom Christ has prepared a room through hard work and a caring heart.
  • Empowering people through the hope of a better future for themselves and the ones they love.
  • Imagine! they have reasons to care and new hope in Christ because of YOU!

As a Housing Ministry, we believe our efforts must impact people’s lives for the long term. We know that there are some things that create or enable poverty that we can’t do much about.  Like disasters and poor governance.

Presently; when a disaster occurs, families living in poverty have too few resources to cope or recover.

That is unless they get the skills that translate into an income.

By teaching the skills necessary to build better homes, we are helping the poor in unimaginable ways. Ways that no disaster relief effort is ever going to teach them.


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