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In Ghana, children are involved in the worst forms of child labor, including gold mining, fishing, and cocoa harvesting. Because of poverty, ignorance and child labor, hundreds of kids do not go to school or drop out of school every year. We are helping to change this by providing support for local schools, scholarships, school supplies, uniforms etc. We also provide microfinance loans to boost family income so families are less inclined to engage their kids in child labor.


According to the Department of Labor, one in four children ages 5-14 in Ghana are employed. In artisanal mining, the kids are exposed to hard labor conditions and mercury poisoning. Some of these kids are breadwinners for their families and their earnings help pay for their school-related costs. No child should have to expose themselves to hazardous mining conditions or be involved in hard child labor because their parents are not able to send them to school.


This project will help address child labor in Ghana by covering school-related costs for kids. The children will no longer have to work to earn income for schooling. The kids will be able to stay in school and advance their education. Project funds will also help distribute free booklets on child safety and the need for kids to go to school. Microfinance funds will help build family income, addressing the root cause of poverty.

Long-Term Impact

By easing the financial burden of tuition and school supplies, children will be able to pursue their education and break free from the vicious cycle of poverty. Having the supports necessary will enable a student to be successful in school. Successful students are less likely to drop out in order to earn income for their family. Educated kids will have access to greater opportunities and be better positioned to contribute to the community and national development.


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