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Get kids in the game!

If you are a prospective equipment donor, it is preferred that you bring LARGE equipment donations during business hours so we can ensure all of the equipment has space to be securely stored. Large donations are considered be either a large quantity of items (approximately an SUV full) or large items such as hockey goalie equipment or a weight bench.

You can drop off equipment at our warehouse in Silver Spring anytime. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM. However, we have a bin right outside our warehouse labeled sports equipment that you can drop off equipment in anytime.

For other equipment dropoff locations, it is at the discretion of the equipment collector. We when we connect you with an a collector, you can work out a time with them. Locations: We store all of the equipment donations at our warehouse in Silver Spring. It is a huge help for us if you can bring the equipment to our warehouse. However, we have alternate locations where you can drop off equipment as well.


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