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Support Centre for 200 Kenyan Old People

Socio-economic status of Kenyan 1.5 million elderly people, which is 4% of the population of 38.6 million people, rarely reflects the fundamental contributions they make in the society. Many of the elderly remain the loneliest, poorest and most neglected people in most Kenyan communities. DWELE builds capacities of 200 elderly on Commercialized Activities like Handicrafts; Child Daycare Services; growing Vegetables and Herbs for economic benefits, nutrition, social fulfillment, and dignity.


1.5 million Kenyan population are elderly persons aged 60 years and above. Conditions are particularly worse in project locations in Western Kenya where deteriorating socio-cultural safety-net and economic conditions, and impacts of HIV&AIDS pandemic leave many elderly, and orphans they care for, without traditional family support and financial resources. Elderly grandparents, care for 50% of 1.7 Million orphans, yet many are fragile, poor and emotionally vulnerable and so need care and support.


DWELE will build Elderly Support and Resource Centre and use diverse experiences, life and professional skills of elderly to enhance socio-economically fulfilling traditional roles of leadership, guidance, and advisors, peer educators/trainers and managers. Capacity builds 200 elderly on Commercialized Activities: Handicrafts; Child Daycare; Multi-Storey Kitchen Gardens of Vegetables and Herbs for income and nutrition. Centre generates income for sustainability and Rescues Human Right victims.

Long-Term Impact

This project is more than Double-benefits: It provides 200 elderly participants with their own self-supporting Socialization and Economic Institution, which they manage and utilize as avenue for facilitating sustainable peer support, learning, socialization and economic activities for the elderly. Established skill-based elderly groups, networks and linkages will sustain the Centre and home-based support to older elderly that cannot reach the Centre and democratically take-over Centre management.


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