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You can help children with disabilities experience full lives.

Having a disability shouldn’t exclude you. Over 1 billion people around the world have some form of disability — many of them children. Whether affected by disease or disabled by land mines or other injuries, children in developing countries often find themselves isolated, lonely, and with little hope for the future.

Together, we can share God’s love by giving every child the chance to reach their full potential — equipping them to attend school, play with others, be included in their communities, and get access to specialized resources and care.

You’ll help ease challenges for families and caregivers through compassionate help like:

  • Crutches, prosthetic limbs, and wheelchairs
  • Equitable access to educational services and activities, including school clubs and programs
  • Job skills and training for local caregivers to meet critical needs of disabled children
  • Support for inclusion and stigma reduction in education and community life
  • Access to appropriate hygiene and sanitation facilities
  • Custom-fit wheelchairs through our partnership with Free Wheelchair Mission

Giving monthly is the most powerful way to donate!

  • Monthly giving is the most convenient and effective way to help vulnerable kids and their communities. Your gifts will be carefully assigned wherever they’re needed the most, meeting the crucial needs of today and the ever-changing needs of tomorrow.
  • See your ongoing impact through updates and beautiful stories. As someone at the very heart of this ministry, you’ll get our award-winning World Vision magazine! This inspiring publication will show you the power of your generosity through field stories, photos, and prayer requests.


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