13-Year-Old With A Funnel Shaped Chest Won’t Survive Without Surgery - NVcharity

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3 years back, I could not afford Rs 3,500 for the tests – That’s the biggest mistake I’ve made

Deepak was born with holes in his heart and a deformity in the thoracic wall that resulted in him having a funnel-shaped chest. It causes him severe back pain and it affects his cardiac and respiratory functions. His parents were shocked to see him in such a condition but they were told that over the years, it would heal by itself. 4 years ago, he suddenly became weak and did not have the energy for anything. His parents took him to a private hospital but they couldn’t afford the tests, so they came home, desperately wishing that it wouldn’t be anything serious.

He can’t walk or even talk for long without getting tired

Deepak has become extremely weak and he can hardly walk and run like other children. He falls short of breath when he talks for a long time. It has been a year since he went to school, he was confined to his house, He was longing for a normal life but his condition did not allow him to even step out from his house.  He is slipping into depression. He fears death and hardly talks to anyone now.

We are struggling to even afford the next meal, how can we afford the surgery?

Manimaran works as a daily wager in Kerala. His family lives in a village in Salem district. He visits his family once in a month and earns around Rs 300 per day. Deepak’s mother, Senthamarai works as a daily wager and earns Rs 100- 150 per day. They are struggling to have even 3 square meals now. They have 3 daughters as well to take care of. The eldest daughter Divayadarshini (17), stood first in school in her board exams but now she is forced to look out for a job to support the family.

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