You have the power to make anything possible. So, why not use this power to make a difference in people’s lives and spread a smile?

Come and contribute to the lives of the needy and earn a priceless experience in return. By volunteering with us, you will become a significant part of the world’s largest network of NGOS and welfare organizations.

From fundraisers and wish granters, to activity volunteers, social media experts, financial advisors, digital marketers, teachers, photographers, graphic designers etc. we have the perfect place for you. You won’t just create a difference in people’s lives, but meet like-minded people, develop inter-personal skills and get the most heartwarming feeling in life that will stay with you for years to come.

Be the REAL HERO you’ve always dreamt of. And make a REAL DIFFERENCE in people’s lives!

Writers/Bloggers – Could share their stories /experiences and we would publish and promote it under their name.

Designers – Can assist us with their creative services and help us communicate in an effective way on various digital platforms.

Photographers – Let your photography skills help people live a better life. Your captures can spread awareness about the ongoing issues and you earn credits for the same.

PR/Marketing Professionals – Cover some heart wrenching stories and let your stories evoke a sense of responsibility and sensitivity amongst the humans. Get complete credits for publishing your story and help us promote a cause at the same time.

Financial Advisors – Your number and economic skills can help NV Charity plan better with their finances and get through the various difficult processes with ease.

Whether it’s finance, science, technology or communication – You can help us and contribute with your expertise and we can all work towards a happier world.

Become A Volunteer